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7 P.E.I. lighthouses make national heritage list

Seven lighthouses on P.E.I. were placed by Parks Canada Thursday on a national heritage list, part of a list of 74 lighthouses across the country.
The seven on P.E.I. are

  • The Brighton Front Range in Charlottetown.
  • Cape Bear in Murray Harbour.
  • Cape Tryon Lighthouse in Park Corner.
  • Covehead Harbour Light.
  • Northport Rear Range.
  • Panmure Head Lighthouse.
  • Point Prim Lighthouse.

The Prince Edward Island Lighthouse Society says heritage status could open up new funding opportunities for maintenance and repairs.

According to the society’s tally, the list covers about a third of the Island lighthouses with paperwork submitted to ask for protected status from the federal government, and only about a fifth of the lighthouses that groups would ultimately like to see saved on P.E.I.

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